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About AXTON Brand IR Illuminators

AXTON is an innovative, US based company which specializes in the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art infrared illumination systems primarily for integration into security applications.  Where feasible, infrared illumination effectively replaces white light to reduce light pollution and to significantly reduce energy consumption.  A powerful IR illuminator allows security systems to maintain a discreet nighttime presence while helping to produce high quality images in low-light conditions. 

AXTON IR illuminators differ from typical low-power IR illuminators built into CCTV cameras in several respects:

• Range - AXTON IR illumination systems provide infrared illumination to areas in very close range as well as to areas as distant as 1000 feet away.
• Wide Angle Illumination - AXTON illuminators provide an even distribution of infrared light to a much wider area to match the camera's field of vision.
• Weatherproof - AXTON devices are sealed in a weather and waterproof housing and are designed to perform at extreme temperatures (-40° F to +120° F temperature range) and in any kind of weather.
• Maintenance Free and Guaranteed for Life - AXTON products are designed to be maintenance free.  They are also guaranteed for life.
• Made in the USA - AXTON IR illumination devices are proudly manufactured in the United States.