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EOTech 3x.FXD Lens for hololgraphci weapon sights



  • • High Quality Optics
  • • Light Weight Material
  • • Ergonomic Design



EOTech 3x.FXD Lens


Magnifier  lens   for   EOTech   holographic  weapon  sights  (HWS).   With this lens the HWS can also be used as medium-range scope. The 3x.FXD lens is a quick detachable fixed-base  type. Fits EOTech Models 512, 551, 552, 553, and 557.





Price: $ 419.00



 Magnification Fixed:


 Eye Relief:

 1.65" (42mm)


 4.3" (110mm)


 6.5 oz. (184 gr.)


 -20 to 140 F


 33 ft.


fog proof internal optics


 Non-relfective black w/hard coat finish


34mm w/integrated dovetail adapter for quick release mount