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TG-7 Compact Thermal Goggles - Binoculars
TG-7 Compact Thermal Goggles - Binoculars
With 2x magnifier lens



• White Hot & Black Hot Polarities
• Internal 2x Digital Zoom
• Hand-Held, Headgear, Helmet
• NTSC or PAL Video Output
• 4 Hour Continuous Operation 


TG-7 Compact Thermal Goggles/Binocular


The latest product of Night Optics USA,  the TG-7 Thermal Goggle/Binocular is a rugged, lightweight, and powerful infrared optical device that can be hand-held or mounted on a helmet or headgear.  By using the 2x internal digital zoom and adding an optional a-focal germanium optical magnification lens, the NO/TG-7 provides potent 6x long-range thermal binocular. TG-7 features standard b&w output display, but color imaging is also available upon request. The TG-7 thermal goggles/binocular was designed for law enforcement and military professionals, but now it is also available on consummer market.  The TG-7 comes with headgear, soft carrying case, batteries, lens cleaning pad, neck lanyard, demist shield, shoulder strap, manual, and warranty card. These goggles are covered by limited one-year warranty.

Price: $ 9,999.00
Image Tube Specs: 
TG-7 Thermal Goggles/Binocular


Magnification 1.5x (optional 3x)
Display 640x480 Pixels
Detection Range (Human) 500 meters
Optics 25mm, f/1.0
FPA Format 160x120
Material Amorphous Ailicon Microbolmtr
Cooling Uncooled
Batteries Three CR123
Dimensions 6"x 6"x 4"
Weight 17 oz.