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5x Night Vision Binocular (ANVS-2347)



• U.S. Made Gen 3 Pinnacle Image Intensifier
• 135 mm/5x Catodioptric Lens
• Automatic Brightness Control
• Superior Long-Range Performance


5x Pinnacle Night Vision Binocular (ANVS-2347-P)


The ANVS-2347-P is Generation 3 Pinnacle long-range night vision binocular is built around a standard AN/PVS-7 body and a 135mm, 5x catadioptric lens.  It was specifically designed to meet the long-range observation needs of military and law enforcement personnel. It has a far better performance when compared to a 5x afocal lens attachments often used to convert PVS-7 into a long-range binoculars.  ANVS-2347-P is an ideal tool for covert surveillance, border patrol ans spotting in low light conditions. Covered by one-year warranty.


ANVS-2347-P Long-Range Binocular Kit Includes:  Binocular, demist shield, neck cord, shoulder strap, eye cup, daylight objective lens cover, carrying case, lens cleaning paper, AA batteries, and operator's manual.

Price: $ 4,495.00


Magnification 5x
Field of View
Focus Range 8'-∞
Objective Lens 135mm,f/1.6
Diopter -6...+2
Eye Relief 25mm
Battery Two "AA" Batteries
Battery Life 40 hrs.
Dimensions 8"x4"x6.25"
Weight 32 oz.


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