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Night Vision Goggle w/ Variable Gain (ANVS-2348G)



• Dual Tube Design
• Manual Gain Control
• U.S. Made Gen 3 PINNACLE Image Intensifiers
• Automatic Brightness Control
• Automatic Cut-Off Function
• Increased Depth Perception
• Single Battery Operation
• Compact & Lightweight
• Mounts to PVS-7B/D Headgear
• Mounts to PVS-7A/C Facemask
• Close-Up IR Illuminator
• IR On/Off & Low Battery Indicator


Dual Tube NVG w/Variable Gain (ANVS-3348-G-P)


The  ANVS-3348-G-P  is  a  Generation 3 PINNACLE spec, dual  tube  night   vision  binocular   with variable gain control. It was designed for ground-based missions that require superb performance, flexibility and added user acuity. In this binocular configuration each eye receives an independent image improving the user’s ability to judge distances and relative motion. As a result, the user’s ability to operate a vehicle or to maneuver in the dark improves dramatically. The binocular features a close-up IR illuminator that enhances close hand task performance in extreme darkness. It is also equipped with IR on/off and low battery indicators. With the help of a pair of 3x lenses, it can be converted to a hand-held, long range binocular.  For hands-free operation it can be mounted onto standard military headgear or helmet mount. By quickly replacing the standard mounting assembly for a dovetail style mount, the binocular can be mounted onto a PVS-7A facemask. Covered by two-year warranty.


ANVS-2348G Goggle/Binocular Kit Includes:  Goggle, headgear, small, medium, & large brow pads, demist shields, sacrificial filters, IR spot-flood lens, magnetic compass, neck cord, shoulder strap, eye cups, daylight objective lens covers, carrying case, lens cleaning paper, AA batteries, and operator’s manual.

Price: $ 8,795.00
Image Tube Specs: 
"Select A" 64 lp/mm Resolution, w/Data Card
"Pinnacle" Autogated Tube (+ $ 1,300.00)


Magnification 1x
Field of View 40°
Focus Range 15"-∞
Objective Lens 25mm,f/1.2
Diopter -6...+2
Eye Relief 25mm
Battery One "AA" Battery
Battery Life 8 hrs.
Dimensions 4.75"x4.5"x3.25"
Weight 19 oz.


Download/Print PDF Spec. Sheet