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DSNVG - FUSION Night Vision Device


The DSNVG, fuses or combines an image intensified (I2) tube and infrared (IR) micro-bolometer into a compact monocular. The monocular is approximately the same size as the AN/PVS-14. A separate battery pack provides power for helmet-mounted or hand-held use. The DSNVG will mount (helmet mount is optional) on a ACH helmet and will provide: flip-up, tilt, fore/aft adjustment; left/right eye use; and quick disconnect from the helmet.

User Benefits

DSNVG is the first head-mounted night vision goggle in production to provide fusion (via optical overlay) of I2 and IR imagery. It will provide the following benefits to the user:

● Greater situational awareness due to improved threat detection under most obscurrant environments; compatible with traditional weapon system ranges

● Expanded viewing capability from highlight conditions to total darkness (no light) and through obscurants. Increases capability for urban operations

● Improved wearing comfort due to better weight balance resulting in less fatigue

● Easy-to-use controls similar to proven AN/PVS-14

● Non-exit pupil forming eyepiece allows the user to maintain full field of view even as helmet shifts during vigorous physical movements


Price: $ 21,000.00


Magnification 2.5x
Field of View 38 deg. IIT & 28 deg. dia. IR
Diopter Adjustment -2 to +2 D
Battery 4 (four) "AA"
Weight <2 lbs