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• 6x Magnification
• Gen 3 Pinnacle Image Intensifier 
• Variable Gain Control 
• Red Illuminated Reticle 
• Reticle Brightness Control
• Rugged & Lightweight


6x Talon Weapon Sight
Variable Gain
Gen 3 Pinnacle


The Talon is the state-of-the-art night vision weapon sight with 6x magnification and state of the art Generation 3 Autogated PINNACLE image intensifier with VARIABLE GAIN control. The sight was designed to meet the exacting U.S. military requirements for long range nighttime shooting. It is rugged, lightweight and can be mounted on almost any weapon.  Featuring a 6x magnification, the Talon weapon sight is built around the best image intensifier tubes available.  Both of the  4x & 6x magnification models, can be equipped with the optional MANUALLY ADJUSTABLE GAIN control feature. It allows the user to adjust the image brightness to match the surrounding environment or other user-specific requirements.  All  weapon sights feature a fully adjustable illuminated red or green reticule and  exposed tactical windage and elevation adjustment knobs with 0.2 mil click intervals. The red illuminated reticle features manual brightness control for accurate sighting in any light conditions. 


The sights are supplied with following accessories: Soft carry case, hard shipping/storage case, daylight lens cover, shuttered eyeguard, quick detach Picatinny weapon mount,  batteries, manual and cleaning kit.  Comes with a one-year warranty.

Price: $ 6,895.00


Magnification 6x
Field of View 5.6°
Focus Range 25m-∞
Diopter -5...+2
Eye Relief 30mm
Battery Two "AA" Batteries
Battery Life 40 hrs.
Dimensions 12.5" x  4.2" x 4.2"
Weight 3.7 lbs.


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