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AC-7407 Thermal Goggles - Binocular



• Military-Grade Equipment
• Black Hot/White Hot Switch
• Brightness Control
• Digital Zoom
• Universal Service Connectors


AC-7407 Thermal Goggles/Binocular


Around  the world thermal equipment is used for  both military and  commercial purposes.  More and more companies offer thermal devices to find imperfections in building constructions, power lines, engines, etc. However, only a few thermal devices are truly dedicated for military use.  The AC-7407 is one of those thermal devices.  Designed purely for military and law enforcement tasks, these goggles can withstand the harsh environment of military operations and can be used with headgear or helmet for hands-free operation. With the optional 50mm lens, the AC-7407 can be used as a long-range binocular.  With the proper export license, it is also available to our international clients, along with the equipment specs.

Price: $ 11,250.00


Magnification 2x digital
Field of View 11°
Spectral Response 7-14 um
Lens Type Germanium 8.5mm - 25mm
Detection Range up to 475 m.
Resolution 160x120
Video Output NTCS / PAL
Battery 2 "AA"
Battery Life 4 hrs.
Dimensions 160x145x70 mm.
Weight 450 gr.