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AC-7414 Thermal Monocular



• Military-Grade Equipment
• Black Hot/White Hot Switch
• Brightness Control
• Digital Zoom
• Color Display
• Weapon & Headgear Mountable
• Universal Service Connectors


AC-7414 Thermal Monocular


The  AC-7414  is  a  thermal  monocular  that  was  designed  for military and law enforcement agents. The monocular is very rugged, lightweight, and versatile. It can be mounted on the weapon, used with a headgear or helmet mount, or just used as a hand-held unit.  The AC-7414 also features a 640x480 VGA color display, digital zoom and black hot or white hot polarity switch. With the proper export license, the AC-7414 is also available to our international clients, along with the equipment specs.

Price: $ 11,700.00


Magnification 2x digital
Field of View 11°
Spectral Response 7-14 um
Lens Type Germanium 8.5mm - 25mm
Detection Range (Human) up to 475 m.
Resolution 160x120
Video Output NTCS
Battery 2x 3V lithium
Battery Life 4 hrs
Dimensions 125x72x65 mm.
Weight 400 gr.