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Thermal Infrared Imager PALM 25OD



• Automatic/Manual Modes
• High Resolution Digital Detector
• One-Hand, Direct-View Operations
• Remote Video Capability

• Tripod Mountable
• RS-170 Video Output (RCA Jack)


Thermal Imager PALM IR 250D


The  Thermal-Eye  250D is a  thermal imaging system that allows users to identify the heat signatures of individuals or objects in any environment. It functions without any external light source or ambient light, producing the same consistent imaging day or night and cutting through rain, fog or smoke. The Thermal-Eye 250D takes thermal imaging to a totally new level with 2X zoom capability and digital technology for a greatly improved imagery. It is perfect for such applications as public safety, search and rescue, security and fire fighting. Covered by 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Price: $ 13,295.00


Magnification 1x
Field of view 12°x9°
Focus range 8'-∞
Detection Range Up to 1000m
Resolution 320x240
Video Output NTSC/PAL B&W
Battery 6V Rechargeable
Battery Life 4 Hrs.
Dimensions 9.5"x4"x4"
Weight 2.6 lb.


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